All Things: Nerdcore HipHop

Start: 23rd January 2022
Finish: 26th January 2022
Duration of Playlist Set Up: 3 days
Number of Albums: 42
Number of EPs: 6
Number of Songs: 690
Length: 37 hours, 54 minutes

Never have I ever…heard of the genre Nerdcore Hip Hop before. And man, was I excited when I discovered it on RateYourMusic. My expectations were high. Unfortunately, I was left utterly disappointed. The first release I checked out was Noveliss‚ „Metal Face Hockage“. Pretty solid I thought – and absolutely amazing cover! Following up with MC Frontalot („Final Boss“) and Trial of the Golden Witch („Bedroom Bedrock“) made me realize that this is not really my cup of tea though. Sounds like a bunch of white kids in middle school, trying to sound like a family version of Eminem.

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