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Records of the Year: 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The end of the year is coming – and with it music nerds, magazines and blogs alike drop their „Records of the Year“ lists. I personally listened to a lot of new music this year. Inspired by a couple of RateYourMusic users I focussed on new releases and discovered a whole bunch of sub-genres I hadn’t delved into that much before.

I believe my list features a few albums most people would consider for their list of 2022 – but a few hidden gems as well

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Records of the Year: 1986

The next 80s list is ready to be served! 1986 is – as of now – lacking a 5/5 record for me. There are tons of albums that I haven’t rated yet (Bronski Beat, Megadeth, Talk Talk, The Smiths…), so let’s see what the future holds. For this year that has been over for almost 40 years. Anyway..

I personally love the pop phase of Genesis and that’s why you’ll find „Invisible Touch“ at the top of my personal ranking of 1986. Pretty much every single track on this album is a hit. „Land of Confusion“, „Throwing It All Away“, „Tonight, Tonight, Tonight“ – what more is there to say?

„Living With Victoria Grey“ by Cleaners From Venus is a more or less hidden 80s gem. If you dig Jangle Pop, make sure to check that one out.

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Records of the Year: 1981

I have dozens of year lists piling up in my Google sheets folder and it’s time to sort out this mess.

Let’s dive into the 80s and kick it off with the wonderful year of 1981. My top 5 is pretty heavy which was surprising to me because I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a heavy metal connaisseuse.

You will find „Faith“ by The Cure at the top because it is a masterpiece of an album. And here come the heavy boys. Iron Maiden isn’t even a band a particularly like but „Killers“ is so much fun! I believe even non-metal fans can enjoy this record a lot. Same goes for Black Sabbath and their 10th album „Mob Rules“. Sabbath have their ups and downs throughout their discography but I think 95% of their albums are at least worth listening to.

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2010s – A Decade in 1,000 songs

A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a playlist a friend of mine created on Spotify. 600 songs from 2010-2019, sorted by year and alphabet. I was amazed! If you follow my blog a bit you are probably aware that I love big playlists that allow to lose yourself within a genre, decade, discocraphy – and I loved the idea behind this specific playlist, too.

Of course I had to copy that. Thanks Christopher for the inspiration!

I decided to make it a 1,000 songs playlists though. It took me roughly three months to gather songs, kick them out again (I had approx. 1,300 at the beginning), sort them by year and alphabet and double check that they were actually from that decade. Spotify tends to fool around regarding the release date at times.
I didn’t only include songs I still like but tracks that I’ve listened to a lot, that represent the sound of the 10s for me or that were omnipresent. So don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a stupid pop song in the playlist.

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