Songs About: USA

The next country is ready: the US!

  1. Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  2. Spelling – Blue (American Dream)
  3. Tina – On Line (Boston)
  4. Tina – Baby Boo (Miami)
  5. Alex Beaupain – Brooklyn Bridge
  6. Mylène Farmer – California
  7. Serge Gainsbourg – New York USA
  8. Maria Laforêt – Banks Of The Ohio
  9. La Femme – Welcome America
  10. Benjamin Biolay – Los Angeles

Songs About: France

While working on my genre playlists I frequently found songs about different countries or cities. This somewhat triggered my passion for collecting and I started to save these songs in country-playlists. I decided to publish them as soon as I collected 10 songs for a country (or – from there on – 10 new songs). I am not actively searching for songs, e.g. by searching a specific country within Spotify. That would be too boring. Instead, I only collect them if I come across them in the wild.

Since I listened to a lot of French music in the last few weeks it was not surprising that France is the first country with 10 songs:

  1. Mila Mar – Maid of Orleans
  2. Billy Woods & Despot – Versailles
  3. Tina – Je t’aime quand même (Guadeloupe)
  4. Tina – Pa oublié mwen (Paris)
  5. Jacques Dutronc – Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille
  6. Florent Marchet – France 3
  7. William Sheller – Promenade française – Instrumental
  8. Étienne Daho – Paris ailleurs
  9. Jacqueline Taieb – Le printemps à Paris
  10. Jacques Dutronc – La Seine

All Things: Brostep

Start: 13th April 2022
Finish: 16th April 2022
Duration of Playlist Set Up: 4 days
Number of Albums: 95
Number of EPs: 100
Number of Songs: 1,779
Length: 122 hours, 11 minutes

This didn’t turn turn out as I expected AT ALL. If you had asked me about 2 weeks ago what I think about Brostep the genre would have easily ended up in the top 5 genres I liked the least. I would have gotten horrible flashbacks to the Skrillex hype around 2011. Well, to be honest there are a lot of releases that I wouldn’t listen to voluntarily for more than 5 minutes but Brostep did surprise me with a lot of clever and catchy releases as well – mostly EPs. I used to love Dubstep. It was pretty much the soundtrack to all parties I attended when I was about 18 years old. And I hated Brostep for what it made out of the genre. BUT I’m kind of at peace with Brostep anno 2022. It’s a nice evolution of Dubstep with EDM elements and has a modern twist to it. The release I liked the most: „Cyber Whale EP“ by Eliminate.