Gang Starr

Albums Of The Year: 1991

I felt like posting a new albums of the year list for a change.

Friendly reminder: I’m releasing my yearly lists once they include at least 20 albums which a 2.5 rating or higher. After publication, I will update said list once it has at least 10 new entries.

1991 was an incredible music year in my opinion. I didn’t experience that myself as I was born in January 1991, barely able to understand the concept of „me“. It’s tempting to write how it’s such a shame to not have been young in the 90s and seeing (and hearing) the rise of Grunge or Hip-Hop first hand. Then again, being a teenager in the 2000s wasn’t too bad either – at least from a music point of view.

It shouldn’t be surprising that „Nevermind“ by Nirvana is on number 1. Don’t trust any list where it isn’t.

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