The Smiths

Records of the Year: 1986

The next 80s list is ready to be served! 1986 is – as of now – lacking a 5/5 record for me. There are tons of albums that I haven’t rated yet (Bronski Beat, Megadeth, Talk Talk, The Smiths…), so let’s see what the future holds. For this year that has been over for almost 40 years. Anyway..

I personally love the pop phase of Genesis and that’s why you’ll find „Invisible Touch“ at the top of my personal ranking of 1986. Pretty much every single track on this album is a hit. „Land of Confusion“, „Throwing It All Away“, „Tonight, Tonight, Tonight“ – what more is there to say?

„Living With Victoria Grey“ by Cleaners From Venus is a more or less hidden 80s gem. If you dig Jangle Pop, make sure to check that one out.

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