This Heat

Records of the Year: 1981

I have dozens of year lists piling up in my Google sheets folder and it’s time to sort out this mess.

Let’s dive into the 80s and kick it off with the wonderful year of 1981. My top 5 is pretty heavy which was surprising to me because I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a heavy metal connaisseuse.

You will find „Faith“ by The Cure at the top because it is a masterpiece of an album. And here come the heavy boys. Iron Maiden isn’t even a band a particularly like but „Killers“ is so much fun! I believe even non-metal fans can enjoy this record a lot. Same goes for Black Sabbath and their 10th album „Mob Rules“. Sabbath have their ups and downs throughout their discography but I think 95% of their albums are at least worth listening to.

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